How Love Ultimately Was Born…

I remember sitting in our living room with Geysel, I was overwhelmed but didn’t want to show it. We were going through all the debts we had accumulated and the look on Geysel’s face said it all… the total figure was $408,131.00 ! (I know, I couldn’t breathe either WOWZA!)… How had I got us into such a mess? So we went down the list:

  1. A rental home we couldn’t afford,
  2. Repairs required for the rental home
  3. Tax debt
  4. A pest control payment plan
  5. Loan from my parents
  6. Loan from my in-laws
  7. HECS debt for a degree I didn’t finish
  8. HECS debt for Geysel’s degree
  9. A car loan
  10. Fines
  11. Business debt

… plain ol’ dumb decisions!

What made it even worse was that I was only 25 and Geysel was only 24, how did we get to this position at such a young age? I personally blamed everyone else! but the truth was that  I was dumb, dumb, dumb, super stubborn and ignorant.

Annnywayy… After I got up off the floor from the shock, we both looked at each other and determined to do whatever we could to get out of the circumstance we found ourselves in.

But this journey didn’t start that night (so mystical) it had actually started a few months before, I remember I was looking for answers because I didn’t understand why I could never save any money from our pay-checks! I read books, articles and searched and searched and couldn’t find anyone in Australia that could help me with my finances or with an easy to follow plan, I say “I”couldn’t find, because at the time Geysel was oblivious to how the money was being handled in our marriage and this was at no fault of hers. I just thought I was the man, sooo anything that came in I was given the task of handling it, and handling it I was not, she had no idea what we owed or who we owed to and looking back we can both agree on how silly that was. But I eventually found resources from the US and started working on the plans provided, but ultimately they were all tailored for the US market, So I had to chop and change the plans to suit us as a couple here in Brisbane, Australia! These discoveries led to the night when I hit the floor because of the amount of debt we had! 😐

So back to that night… After seeing the figure we determined that we were going to do everything in our power to make these debts go away. We went to sleep that night thinking we had a money problem, but time would tell a different story, see from that day on Geysel and I started communicating in ways we never had communicated before… we had a goal!  From that day we started to see how important and how powerful us being a team could be, we learnt the power of loving each other first no matter what. That if we wanted to do this we had to be on the same page, we had to dream together, vision together and believe together. The strength of our marriage grew and grew and we started to realise it! As we started talking to couples around us, many couples no matter how long they had been together, weren’t setting goals together, weren’t dreaming together and were just simply unhappy, we started to understand and see why a lot of marriages struggled and knew then and there, in our hearts, that we wanted to be able to help couples have awesome marriages. That’s how the idea of Love Ultimately was born, out of seeing the need for couples to know and understand how they can have an awesome marriage and how they can win with their money!

It is hard! We don’t have it all together we have to be intentional each and everyday and sometimes we mess up, or at least I do! We have been through our ups and downs for sure! But to cut a long story short today, as I look into our bank account we are 3 months away from paying our final debt! HALLELUJAH!! and I can confidently say that we couldn’t have done it if our marriage was not in the shape it is in. You CAN do it too! Let us show you how!

I want to leave you with this…Your marriage matters! and I believe your marriage has the biggest part to play (apart from God) in the success of your life!  So join The Love Ultimately Family and start your journey to having an awesome marriage and winning with money!