How A Fight Can Lead You Into The Best Marriage

Bryan and I have been married for three and a half years now. In those years we’ve had fights about money, fights about sex, fights about parenting, fights about communication or the lack of it, we’ve had fights about family, fights about work and sometimes fights about nothing in particular, like geckos 🙈.

It’s through all these fights that Bryan and I have learned that we have to intentionally put things in place to make our marriage the best it can be, because in the end if we don’t, who will?

It’s after all these fights that we have, that we look at each other and say ‘surely someone else feels this way, or someone else is going through it’ and if your reading this maybe you are… Maybe your just like us and want to have a happy and awesome marriage but don’t even know where and how to begin and that’s exactly what Love Ultimately is. It’s a hub of resources where you can come and find solutions, tips and ideas on how to stop all those fights and ultimately, how to have your best marriage.

We’ve over the last few years researched, read, implemented, changed, tried and tried again, different ideas, methods and techniques on all these issues. We are still, every day, working on our marriage because we believe it’s the most important relationship you will have in your life and let’s be honest it’s not easy. You fall in love with the ‘perfect’ man or woman to later find out they have all this baggage that you don’t know how to handle or deal with, and maybe you feel like there is no solution, like maybe it’s just the way your marriage is suppose to be, it’s not.

We are a young couple doing our best to be the best. A young couple dealing with all the stuff that comes with being married to someone who is sometimes your complete opposite, someone who you thought you knew but upon living life and dealing with life’s challenges have learnt you don’t really know, but someone you know you can’t live without.

Our heart is to be a guide, to be a support and to help couples be the best version of themselves and to have the best marriage they dream of. It’s not easy but we promise being intentional and putting things in place to be your best will result in having the best marriage.

Let us be part of your journey and whatever stage of marriage your in or whatever fight your having, we will try have a resource to help you through it.