005 | How to Support the One You Love Through Tough Times

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We all go through tough times, we’ve had a tough start to the month of February with feelings of being overwhelmed and confused, we’ve both had a cry and felt unsure of what to do next. But because of the 4 keys that we’ve learnt and implemented, we each feel supported and understood when we are feeling down and unsure of next steps. Supporting your spouse through the tough times makes such a difference and allows for you to get out of your funk quicker and more united than ever. Listen in to our struggles these last few weeks and how we’ve supported each other through it. Download your FREE checklist today and start supporting your spouse through the tough times.


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By no means are we counsellors or psychologists, if you do have a marital problem and need further advice please find a psychologist or counsellor that can support and guide you through the tough season you may find yourself in.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The 5 Love Languages – Gary Chapman

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