004 | Let’s Talk About Debt Baby!

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In episode 4 we talk about one of the greatest hindrances we had in saving and managing our finances, debt. At the very beginning of our journey into becoming debt free, we realised that we weren’t seeing any success or any momentum with our money because the amount of debt we carried and the payment associated with those debts was stopping us, paralysing us from moving forward.

In this episode we emphasise the chokehold debt can have on your finances. It’s like a ball and chain around your ankle stopping you from moving forward. Before you start this journey you need to learn that debt isn’t the best solution and that your behaviours towards debt and borrowing money have to change if you want to one day control and be a good handler of your money.

We need to go back to the kid at the grocery store counting his coins, checking that he has enough money to buy what he wants to purchase. Good, successful money habits start with having the attitude that debt cannot and will not continue to suck away your income, but first you need to realise what common household debts are and what it does!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

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