003 | How to Create Vision for Your Marriage: Part 2

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Episode 3, this week we will be going through part 2 of “How to Create Vision for Your Marriage”.

Being the start of the year, right now is the perfect time for you and your spouse to create an annual tradition of having a date day or night and set goals for the year which guide you closer to your vision. In this episode, we share with you the final three steps on how to create a vision for your marriage. In this episode, we share with you some of the challenges we’ve faced in these next three steps but, how coming out of the process, gives you peace and clarity for your future and your life together. We also provide more details for you on some of the resources we’ve used to learn more about each other and how this impacted our vision.

The next and final three steps we lay out in ‘How to Create Vision for Your Marriage’

4. Combining your best lives

5. Write it down

6. Do it! (insert fist pump)

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16 Personalities: The one that Bryan discovered and went on about for a while, but for a good reason! It seriously gives you insight into the person you are and insight into different areas of your life.

Flag Page: This one comes a bit of a price but its totally worth it! This test provides you with a flag page, the flag page is a representation of what truly motivates you and who you want to be known for and as.

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