002 | How to Create Vision for Your Marriage: Part 1

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Welcome to episode 2, in this episode we will be discussing the importance of having a written vision and how it relates to the success of your marriage and finances!

Prioritising and setting aside the time to come together and talk about your vision and goals is something Bryan and I look forward to doing every year. In this episode and the one following, we give you six steps on how to set the vision for your marriage and how to create annual goals in line to help you fulfil your vision. We believe that the first step in having a unified marriage and working together to create your best life requires you to have a written vision for your marriage and life. Vision creates the direction which propels you into living the life you and your spouse desire, that’s why this step is essential before you can start seeing success in your marriage and your finances.

In this episode we discuss the first three steps:

  1. Your family values
  2. Setting aside ‘you’ time
  3. Creating the environment to share

Tune in to episode three to complete the plan on how you can create and lay out the vision for your marriage and life.

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