001 | Our Story: Having an Awesome Marriage & Winning with Money

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Yay! it’s our first episode, this week on the Love Ultimately podcast we are discussing and filling you guys in on our story and how Love Ultimately was born.

We have gone through many different challenges in the few years that we have been married and have really discovered why people say that marriage is tough, we discuss how we met and the journey from us meeting each other, breaking up and then getting back together, the story of when we got married, our own struggles with our finances and in our marriage and also how we have come out the other side.

We really want to encourage you and let you know that you are not alone, many couples go through things, especially with regards to their marriage and finances and maybe are embarrassed to discuss what is going on with their family or friends because they feel ashamed or just don’t want to “burden” others. We get it!

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